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The PEP & CC is located northeast of downtown Punta del Este, in the Eden Rock, on Route Interbalnearia No. 10 at Km 172.100 to 12 km from "La Barra" and 8 km from Jose Ignacio. Access by the street No. 2, 9, 20 and 22.

From Punta del Este, take the waterfront promenade of La Brava known through the "bridges camel due to La Barra. From there it passes through the inns of Montoya, Bikini, Springs, El Chorro and follow Route 10 to km. 172.100 where the entrance to the Club.

From Montevideo (to avoid passing by the tip) on the motorway Interbalnearia up to Sugar Loaf take Route 9 to 143.3 km on the right where Route 104 leaves to go to Springs and El Chorro. From there turn left on Route 10 to the entrance to the Club at km. 172.100.

The optimal location of the club, to enjoy a strong city with wonderful options and get home to enjoy the tranquility and connection with nature.

Punta del Este

Ocean is the first resort of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, was born with the history of the Rio de la Plata and grew with the sight of men and women who increased their painstakingly natural beauty. Your bid is inexhaustible: crowded beaches, secluded beaches, naturist beaches, untouched nature, quiet, intense nighttime activity, "all the noise" and "all the simplicity," you want to have. The port and its facilities are a great attraction that invites hundreds of sailors from all over the world to come to its exclusive yachts.

Cosmopolitan and safe, inserted in a stunning natural environment where they can live all shapes, tastes and levels of vacation. Offers various accommodations and cuisine.

When night falls, other attractions await the tourist. The musical and cultural events, nightclubs, the excitement of the green baize and casino games or movie premieres. For gourmets, open the doors of culinary paradise, for here the specialized cuisine from around the world displayed their best art.

The port of Punta del Este is a classic. One of the rides that all tourists and residents often performed Maldonado. Now, new port promenade makes this lively promenade, as well as stimulating, safer. Designed to run in one direction, with generous space for parking and a pedestrian four-foot-wide protected by railings with wooden legs, the port has again become one of the sites chosen by all. This rejuvenation of the site included viewpoints, lighting equipment from Italy, benches and bins English and was the culmination of an extensive elevated boardwalk over the dunes that serve as access to the beach. The new modern port promenade and dining area has been strengthened in the area.

Favorite spot for the international jet set and thousands of tourists every year fill the streets and beaches for relaxation and fun.



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