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The complex is located in an area of ​​99.5 hectares, strategically located between the sea and forest. Have been identified by their features two main areas:
Polo Beach Village and Village, giving it two types of land shared between both amenities and services on a concept unifying spirit of the club: polo, sea and nature. The PEP & CC is, from the outset, a polo club: that is its essence and it does not change. Now its doors are opened for lovers of sport polo to combine outdoor life, the vastness of the ocean and entertainment in one place.

The design of the subdivision is a journey that gives priority to the views, guidance and make a path that runs through the most important milestones: the courts, the clubhouse, beach and lagoon.

The large size of each of the lots maintain the feeling of being "open field."


Afforestation and environmental preservation are central.

Species such as cypress, casuarina, eucalyptus, poplar, silver, ash and acacia trees are a unique natural setting, collaborate to prevent noise pollution and are used for recreation. Other examples are variants combined with exotic foliage only build a green environment.

The vegetation is years and is preserved by strict rules of construction to avoid damage. The works undertaken include landscaping to complement the existing vegetation and are home to large variety of birds.

The afforestation scheme involves improvements outside the perimeter of the property, on adjacent streets and sidewalks.




The vision of the project is purely residential, with lots for single family homes permanent or temporary stay.
Polo Village: With lots of 4,000 to 5,000 m2 located in front of the polo fields, parks and ponds. Beach Village: There are lots of 1,000 to 2,500 m2 mostly with ocean view.


The infrastructure includes network services, potable water, settled on gravel roads, power lines underground, outdoor lighting and security control.

The internal road network connects all sectors and type of street is rural, with deep ditches to ensure proper water runoff.

In turn, the streets surrounding the premises will be dealt with constantly improving peripheral circulation and access.


The masterplan includes:

1. Lodge (hotel room service, spa and pool)
2. Beach House (inn with beach facilities facing the sea)
3. Kid's House (playroom, playground, recreation programs and pool).
4. Club House (living bar, restaurant and event space)
5. Internal and stable sector taqueo room (premium stables)
6. External Sector court stables and corrals for horses taqueo
7. Recreational sector (3 tennis courts)

Urban Design

The total area of ​​land is 99.5 hectares and is distributed in 61.7 has designed the residential sector, 24.7 hectares of green area, tennis and embankments and 13.1 hectares of area circulation.

The premium design a curved path concentric generating a spatial richness and prioritize the landscape regard the species of each fraction. The parcels that make up beds, the nature of the streets, they create visual spaces of different scales through the clustering around the court.

The main entrance is framed with plenty of trees on each side. The internal streets are wide and top ends in cul de sacs encouraging large and beautiful views.



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